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Ajwa Dates for Immunity

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Ever since the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, the world has shifted towards preventive measures for illnesses rather than cures. Among those preventive measures, the focus has largely been towards natural herbal methods of preventing illnesses.

Dates have been used for natural remedies and also for daily wellness for centuries.

Among the large variety of dates, one stands out as the undisputed king. This is why Ajwa, is popularly known as the "King of Dates". It only grows in the deserts of Madinah in Saudi Arabia where the conditions are ideal.

Along with it's many renowned benefits, Ajwa Dates are becoming increasingly popular for being a certified natural immunity booster. According to Khalid Md. Saifullah, Chief Editor of the Health Companion,

"Ajwa Dates serve as an excellent source of antioxidants. Selenium present in it prevents cancer and boosts immune function. While weakened immunity is a cause for various ailments, hyperactive immunity on the other hand leads to autoimmune disorders. Regularly consuming Ajwa Dates aids the body to modulate the functioning of immune system"

Countless study papers have shown the incredible benefits of Ajwa Dates and with the world's population rightfully looking for natural ways to increase their immunity, it's not surprising to see Ajwa Khajoors paving the way towards a healthier future.


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